Baseball Narrative

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"It's a beautiful day for baseball!" I shouted in the parking lot of the 5/3 Ballpark. My family and I were walking down the gigantic parking lot, with red square tiles, to get to the ballgame. We had a little under an hour and were truly in no rush. We could see the gates that led to the ballpark and I was extremely excited for the upcoming baseball game. I didn't really care how the game went, as long as the Cougars did well. I had brought a baseball mitt to catch a baseball, for I had caught baseballs in previous games and I was hoping that history would repeat itself. Going to this game was my sister, Veronica, my brother, Nicholas, my Mom, and my Dad. After heading through the gates and getting our tickets scanned, we headed into …show more content…

Although my parents said to stay still if I ever got lost (months in advance), my feet wouldn't listen to me. I kept looking and looking, but to no avail. It was either I was looking in the wrong places or the fact that I'm too short. Probably both. With too many bodies per square foot, it was hard to move around. I was seeming to find myself hopelessly trying to squeeze my way through the crowd. Then, I hear a distant noise. I freeze. I hear it again, and I find out what it is. It's my dad's whistle. My dad whistles again and I was able to track which way I heard it from. I ran and squeezed my way through the crowd of people. They may have not liked a kid sprinting through them, but I didn't dare to look back. My dad's whistle got louder and louder. I look about a five, maybe seven and a half yards down and there was my dad, searching frantically. "DAD!" I shout running to him. My dad gives me a big hug. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded and we walked back to my family. Everyone greeted me with a hug. We were all glad that nothing bad happened and that I was found. The rain stopped for a bit, and my mom checked the weather on her phone. "It is going to start raining fast and won't stop." My mom warned. "We should leave while we have the chance." No one had any objections, so that's what we did. We got rained on a bit, but not too much. The rain kept coming and coming. The game was rained out and we were well on our way home. This family outing sure was one to

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