Soccer Is The Hardest Sport Essay

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What sport do you think is the hardest and difficult to play? Well, there are multiple sports that are difficult to play, like football, basketball, track, baseball, etc. because they include running, balance, patience, skill, teamwork, communication, and many many more to make these sports so insane, however, there’s one sport that stands out from the rest that may be unexpected on what you thought; Soccer is one of the top sports that is beyond difficulty, and I will explain why.

In other sports, it's pretty easy to score points, like American football, tennis, basketball, and maybe sometimes baseball, but in soccer, it may take the whole 90 minutes for one person to score a goal. It proved the overall skill that it takes to even get around a strong defensive line to be very hard, and requires a lot of skill and patience. Soccer isn’t just a kick to the ball and run sport, it requires multiple characteristics to even score a goal. In the source, “Soccer Is Harder Than Football 4 Reasons Why”, it states the average amount of points scored in …show more content…

You contribute to both from time to time. You may be an offensive striker, however, you would still need to play defense in order to get the ball back. Sometimes, in certain situations, you would need to learn how to play both defensive and offensive positions. In the article “Is Soccer a Hard Sport?” It talks about the offensive and defensive sides of the game and talks about the difficulties of it. “Both attacking and defensive players must contribute to the overall offensive play of the team, depending on the flow of the game. These quick transitions between styles of play require a consistent level of focus and can be both physically and mentally draining because of the high intensity of the game.” Waihenya, Samuel. “Is Soccer a Hard Sport? (Comprehensive Read).” Soccer Whizz, 19 Jan. 2023,

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