Why Is Soccer Better Than Football

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Why do people compare soccer and football? Each sport has its own unique techniques and strategies but I think soccer is by far better than football. I played both sports myself, I can tell you that they are very different in various way but also very similar to each other. Depending on how you look at it you can see the differences and similarities both sports have. Soccer and football share different backgrounds. Yes, maybe football is more of a contact sport than soccer but soccer is more of a technique sport.
On the field, both teams (soccer and football) rely on each other to play and move up the field trying to score on the opposite team. Soccer and football have a total of 22 players on the field, 11 on each team, passing the ball to teammates trying to score. In both of the sports the offensive players take most of the glory. It's known without a good defense, it's hard to win. Nobody said it’ll be easy to win. You can score all the points you want but if they score more points than you then, you will lose. Of course, nobody in this world is perfect to win every single game. Some games will be played good and some games will …show more content…

Soccer means a lot in many countries all over the world because it actually means something to them. It is an honor to represent your family in the pitch and during the pitch. Leaving a lot of people speechless on how well you play because not everybody can control a soccer ball with their feet and there's tournaments that bring every teams all over the world together. Football's major event is held here in the United States. It only involves the one country which is United States, itself. Rather than soccer it is a worldwide sport. Soccer has failed to reach their fans based on what they want. The Major Soccer League was about to close down due to lack of fans and lack of

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