Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Better Than Soccer

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If you are a big fan of athletic sports then you have heard alot of people say that Soccer is better than American football. The sport Football is very interesting to a lot of people around the U.S and Football has a lot of surprising stuff that could happen. For me football is a better and a funner sport than soccer because of all the events that have happened since football was created. Football is more hype than Soccer because of the show that the players put on for us and how the sport takes people off their seats for a really good game. But a lot of people will say that Soccer is more of a better sport because the players don't have that much injuries. To me Football will always be better than soccer because of how much I love the sport and many others may agree, football inspires a lot of people to do what they love.

For me football will always be a better and funner sport from all the really fun events that football has done over the past years which makes football really cool. I know this because according to the text states”It's much more exciting because there is more scoring and it's a much more violent sport which is interesting to some fans. A lot of soccer is just watching a ball …show more content…

like a game winning point or one second on the clock, or even better the SUPER BOWL. I can show this because on the site source “The Physicality” the text states “American football certainly stands out among other sports for its sheer physicality. The combination of strategy, speed, agility, and contact makes it a thrilling spectator sport”. This explains why football is more hype and interesting to the ones that are watching the game. There are more things to love about the sport and more thrilling to watch players that you love make amazing catches for the whole stadium to go

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