Soccer And Football Differences

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I read the book, Second Impact, by David Klass and it is about a quarterback named Jerry Downing from Kendall New Jersey and it is also about soccer player and also a reporter named Carla Jensen. The book has a lot of similarities but it also has some differences. Some of the similarities are what I do or about the sports I play. A difference is what food we eat because they are on the eastern side of the America, and I live in the Midwest. Football and Soccer are two different sports. Me and Jerry play Football while Carla plays Soccer. Football there 's a lot of contact and you can get knocked out pretty hard. Their is more risk when you play football. You can still get hurt pretty bad in soccer it just is as often. One of the bad injuries …show more content…

I have never eaten Salt water taffy. I don’t know what it is at all. I just know it is candy an it sounds gross. I would like to try one though and see if it is really salty. I just eat plain candy like 100 Grand bars or Milky Ways. “My father walked in from the kitchen, holding a heaping tray of chicken savoy an some of his home-brewed barbeque sauce”(Klass,68). I also do not know what that is. I just eat regular chicken or I’ll have a burger. An I have never had homemade bbq sauce Carla ate Italian hot dogs which are hot dogs with peppers and onions. I don’t even like regular hot dogs let alone putting a of that stuff on their. Their Writing is different from our writing. They write blogs about sports and what is going on in their school. They write about the injuries that they have experienced or are experiencing. We just have the principal telling us what is happening over the intercom. Even when we write about stuff nobody ever sees it. We don’t have to write about all the stuff they write about. We write about different or the same cultures and compare it to my life. In conclusion, I have a similar life as Jerry Downing and Carla Jensen. The things we had in common were how I play football as Jerry does, what we do on game days, and how I got injured as did Carla. The differences were what food we ate usually. Some other things that were different was the writing they

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