Why Is Football Dangerous

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OP-ED Football Dangers
I believe that football is very dangerous and could have horrible consequences.
If parents let their kids play football they could seriously get injured. They could break bones or get a concussion. The evidence is the amount of breaks and concussions per year. What if you let your kid go and play football and he/she is paralyzed for good? That 's how dangerous football can be.
Also people can die from it. It is a death threatening sport i think it more dangerous because every time you get hit your brain moves and that could harm your your brain. How would you feel if your kid died from playing football? It 's risky and dangerous. Unless the equipment is good and proves to prevent concussions then i 'll let my kid play football.
People can get bone injuries and end up in wheelchairs for their whole life, your kid could seriously get hurt from playing football.The evidence for this is if you watch football watch how people get hurt it 's really dangerous. This year i played football and i …show more content…

Also maybe you kid is in high school and is a star player and is getting all kinds of scholarships and the last game he break his femur? Than all the scholarships are out the window and he 's in a wheelchair for a while and needs physical therapy to walk again. The evidence is that people have had long term injuries and lost their career, and your kid would be devastated because he just lost all of those scholarships.
In conclusion, what i 'm trying to say is i don 't think you should let your kid play football. From my experiences i just don 't think it 's good for young kids right now. Because they can have dangerous consequences like getting a concusion, dieng, bone, bone injuries, careers gone. But if your kid really wants to and puts all his heart into it let him do it, i still like football and i 'm not telling your kid to not play or stop play this is just my opinion, football is still a good sport i just don 't like playing it anymore but it

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