Differences: Similarities Between The Samurai And The Knights

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Many similarities and differences stood beside the Samurai and the Knights, but was there more similarities than differences between them? Samurai and Knights were both powerful warriors back then. The Samurai had lived in Feudal Japan, and knights had lived in different parts of Europe. They both had different culture ideas, and of course different language, and yet also they both had similarities of them both. These are Social positions, Military training and armor, and Code of Honor. To clear it up, was there greater similarities than differences? To start it off, One of the first sections of similarities that they both had in common was Social positions. Social positions influences social status. Of the two, they of course had their own social positions in their country. Some information helped to find out both of their similarities. Two pieces I can include about social positions is a Document A, which I included that helped me by showing two social pyramids as showing a comparison of both of the different classes of social work of what their people categorize into. To equal it up, Both of the two had the same positions. Such as Japan …show more content…

As of many warriors, They usually wear armor and train hard and strictly for war, an example of two warriors, were the Samurai and the Knights. These great warriors started out young to learn knowledge and had to start off to use rigorous, and difficult training to have a higher tolerance to pain, to be ready for any sort of combat, also to be alert of their surroundings. Armor is a no brainer for these two, they both needed armor for Protection, and use as a defense. All in all, both used armor to not die as fast. This is one of the boldest things they have in common. These similarities are noteworthy because these notes are true and trustworthy by saying facts about both their extreme training and living to their lord, and protecting themselves with each of their armor. Yet their pattern of armor was a tad bit

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