Knights Vs Samurai Dbq Essay

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Knights and samurai are very similar. They were warriors during the age of feudalism who protected and were loyal to their lord. But while they are incredibly similar, who would win in a battle? However despite these similarities, in a one, in a one one one fight, the advantage would go to the samurai since their armor, code, and training are superior to that of the knights. As mentioned previously, one of the ways that samurais have an advantage over the knight is through their weapons and armor. In Document D written by the DBQ project it is stated that, “Samurai did not wear armor on their right arm so they could easily draw their bow.” Samurai had multiple weapons at their disposal in battle while the knights were very limited since all they had was a sword. This means that the only way a knight can even land a hit on the samurai is by attacking him at a close range. …show more content…

In Document C1, which was adapted from Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire, it says that children began training to become samurai by learning swordsmanship through fencing with bamboo sticks, which is also known as the art of Kendo. Since the samurai had practiced wielding a sword and fighting with longer than the knight, if the battle had devolved into a sword fight, the samurai would be the victor. It also says that in the same document that, “In their schooling they had physical training.” On the flipside, the knights had not received as harsh training as the samurai, mainly being a squire for a knight and learning from them, and squires were much older than the samurai-in-training who were children. And while the knights did start their training at 4 and 5, the beginning of their training focused on riding a horse (which also had to wear armor because of ranged weapons, meaning that even the horse was slow). This means that the samurai would also have the knight beat from a physical

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