Knight Vs Samurai Dbq

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Samurai and knight

Have you ever made a lincoln log cabin?
Well medieval europe and japan were two big linkin logs that were different in many ways. It is the medieval era and japan are in pieces that is unit both adopt a warrior class samurai and the knight. Were the similarities greater than the differences. The similarities between the samurai and the knight were greater than the differences. This can be shown by looking at three areas social status, honor and death, and traning and armor.
The first area of important differences was social status different it was that because there was a social pyramid were the samurai class was divided up, and the knight was divided up. For the order in japan there was emperor, the shogun, daimyo, the samurai …show more content…

The knight had to change their armor because of the new weapons, and for more protection the knight had changed their armor to covering their whole body so their foot, their head, and their legs. The samurai had armor that had iron scales tied together, lacquered, and then bound into armor plates with silk or leather cords.(I got my information in document D) they also had their right arm free so they can draw their bow faster. The samurai training started out with childhood school with unique combination of physical training, poetry training and spiritual training. When they were young they studied kendo the art of fencing, with bamboo sticks. The moral code of the samurai, and zen buddhism. At 14 they trained to become samurai warriors, and lived by the code of bushido. The knight training started at 4 or 5 where they learn to ride a pony, at age 7 the served as a page to his father’s overlord,Then they practiced with a blunted or wooden swords. At the age of 14 they could become a squire, squires helped the knight they feed them, they dressed them, and helped them in battle. Then if they got approved to become a knight they would become a knight at

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