Similarities Between Soccer And Cross Country

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How Different are Sports? Have you ever thought about how many differences there are between all the sports world wide? Between almost every sport there are some similarities and some differences. Two sports that I think have both similarities and differences are soccer and cross country. Even though soccer and cross country are two very different sports they also have many similarities between them. Soccer Soccer is a world renowned sport played by over 265 million people. Soccer, better known as futbol, is loved by many people around the world for its fast pace and immense competition. Soccer is one of more than 8,000 sports around the world. But even with the many other sports, soccer is the most popular in the world by having over 3.5 billion fans. Cross Country Cross county is a sport that is not as well known around the world. Cross country, sometimes known as xc is a sport of running. In cross country it is an individual race where many runners compete against each other to try to get the fastest time. Most races are generally between 1.9 miles all the way to 3.1 miles of just running. Soccer vs. Cross Country …show more content…

The first and most prevalent difference between the two is soccer takes more skills while cross country only takes endurance. Personally, I think that soccer is the more difficult sport because you also need endurance, and many other skills. Also while cross country is an individual sport soccer you have to work as a team to be able to have any success. Even though soccer and and cross country are very different they do have one significant similarly, they are both very difficult and great sports. The main similarity between the two is that they both involve an immense amount of

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