Compare And Contrast Soccer And North American Football

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The loud stadiums filled to the brim with screaming fans all hoping that their favorite sports organization is victorious against the opposition. This is what a typical fan of the sport of football would hear if they attended one of these games. Yet there are two different types of this sport. One played in the United States and the other played all across the world. That’s right these sports are called North American football and the latter is known worldwide as futbol or soccer in North America. While many people would like to argue that these sports are completely different that is not necessarily true. These two sports, while different, have glaring similarities that brought people together from all nationalities to enjoy.
The objective of American football is to score points by carrying the ball across the opponents in-zone. This awards the team who scored six point with and attempt to score extra points by way of a field goal or 2-point attempt. Soccer is very similar to American football in this aspect. In Soccer the …show more content…

American football has the “Super bowl” which is a huge event held every year at the end of the football season. Large amounts of people tune in every year to watch this event. Soccer on the other hand has the “World Cup”. This event has massive amount of people from all around the world tuning in to watch this sporting spectacle. This event occurs every four years however instead of one year like the Super Bowl. These sports have two different ways that they move the ball down the field. In American football, players use there hands to throw the ball down the field to the receiver. In addition player can also choose to run the ball down the field to try and confuse the defensive team. In soccer players primarily use their feet to move the ball down the field. With acceptation of the goalie players are not allowed to use their hands to touch the

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