Appiah's Racial Identities

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In Appiah's essay "Racial Identities" the author illustrates the point that just because an individual's extrinsic appearance looks as though he or she should belong to a certain group of people it is ultimately up to them to choice their identity. His principal and abiding concern is how we as individuals construct ourselves in a language with the social condition in a persons everyday life. Appiah analyzes the convolution of this process of individuals forming into one identity, emphasizing the opportunities as well as the dangers for self-creation in today’s a culturally mixed world. Appiah’s critique of these large collective identities (whites, Africans, African Americans, and Hispanics) aren't designed to deny their legitimacy but to …show more content…

Pratt explains that this intersectionality of cultures produces ideas and perspectives about people of different cultures. In developing a broad course on cultures, Pratt engrossed students of various backgrounds and experiences such as a would soccer team produce. In the United States, there are numerous subcultures that fill the melting pot known as America. The dominant culture is that of white, middle-class, Protestant people of northern European descent. The subdominant cultures of the U.S. include Asian Americans, Jews, African Americans, Latinos, and among others, are seen as facing a choice to oppose, be opposed to assimilation or otherwise react to the dominant culture. Soccer is a beautiful game in which cultures unite to play and set aside differences. The field is a contact zone, which is a "social spaces where disparate cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other" (Pratt). The dominant and subdominant cultures of the team clash to see what kind of strategy will work to win the match. A form of transculturation occurred in the process. The phenomenon of merging and converging cultures. Those of Anglo-Saxon descent argue that a fast pace and physical game should be played while the latinos of the team suggest a more elegant and rhythm based attacking style. Although there is a dominant culture in the relationship, it is beneficial to both parties in the pursuit of winning. In the end, the players decided to incorporate both styles for asymmetrical team

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