College Baseball Narrative

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Now that I am in college baseball was a fun sport to play in high school. Why did I say yes? Why did I volunteer my time? Why did I commit? Yes, I love it... but was it worth it? Five days out of the week was such an easy commitment. My mom told me do not go, I was wasting my time. But I did not want to be a basketball player. I didn’t fit in. The basketball world was not the world for me, I was a little boy who looked ridiculous in gym shorts. So I figured why not becomes an baseball player, as long as I practiced; the talent would come naturally. Baseball cannot be that hard. At least that is what I told myself. The first practice was very easy, but that was only icing on the cake for what was about to come. I did not expect to be pushing myself so hard, but I figured that is what athletes do, they go until they cannot go anymore.
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We had to whatever it took to win this game. With one single crack of the bat, I was off! The ball made it right over the head of the third basemen and the left fielder completely misjudged it, he gave me 10 extra feet! The crowd was boisterous! Screaming my name and cheering me on. “I can do this!” I thought to myself. “I realized it was going to happen, I was going get to at least third with that hit but I wanted to run home. The coach was on the third base line waiting for me, giving me signals for me to keep going. He did not want me to slack off on the base running and get caught in the path of a fielder. Somehow, the left fielder got a hold of the ball and was throwing it into third. “No! This can't be happening” I thought to myself as I realized that I was nowhere close to third and I was going to have to slide in to make it. I’ve missed every sliding practice due to family matters and I do not even know the proper technique, but I have to do it for my team; I have to slide. Maybe I will break my ankle for trying to slide the wrong

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