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Baseball is a game I have been playing since the age of eight. Since then, I have been a phenomenal hitter. I was a right-handed hitter when I started playing baseball, and I was the best hitter in my age group. I always hit home runs when it was my turn to bat. The coaches who picked the teams argued about who would get the first pick because they all wanted to pick me first. Batting right-handed came naturally. I was young, and just picked up a bat and started swinging. Around this time, I played around swinging left-handed, but it was a complete failure, so I brushed it off to the side, forgetting about it for a while. At the age of twelve, I tried again to bat left-handed, but it was still a very difficult task. We were in the batting cage thirty minutes before our game having batting practice, and I was on the side with a teammate of mine doing soft toss. I was hitting right-handed at the moment, and all you kept hearing was "ping, ping, ping;" that was the sound of me repeatedly hitting the ball. You could tell I was doing an …show more content…

Now knowing that we were in the middle of the season I made it my goal to get a hit left-handed by the end of this season. I knew this would take a good bit of time, but to fulfill my goal I had to learn it as quickly as possible. The day after, we were given the day off, but a teammate and I decided to have our own batting practice in the batting cage. I then switched over and attempted the left-handed side. I tried hitting the ball, and I struggled to put the barrel of the bat on the ball. It felt as if I was unfamiliar with knowing how to hit a baseball. I thought to myself "I've been hitting a ball with the knowledge of how to do so since I began playing baseball." That is when my teammate told me that when I was batting left-handed, I swung the bat entirely different from when I hit right-handed. That sparked a light bulb in my head on how to correct my

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