Lacrosse Personal Statement

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Fresh meat. Freshie. Child. Bottom of the chain. These words were engraved in my head during my first day of high school. However, I ignored them and pursued my own objectives. In my freshman year of high school, I was the founder of the lacrosse club at my school. Apart from having a rigorous school schedule filled with honors classes, and being involved in football and FBLA, it was my responsibility to bring the club to life. I discovered my math teacher used to play college lacrosse, and I had always been interested in lacrosse. I approached him with the idea and he encouraged it and told me if I got the players, he would help coach. As the founder, I was involved in recruiting prospective members, serving as a liaison between the players, coaches, and parents, and most …show more content…

Reminiscing on my lacrosse days, I would not be the person I am today without that experience. By being involved in such a pivotal role, I gained maturity, leadership, time management, communication skills, and most importantly, confidence and learned how to believe in myself. To be an RA, it is essential to have all these. My time management skills I have thoroughly developed will help me balance school, outside activities, and the demands of an RA. Additionally, the maturity, leadership, communication skills I developed serving as a liaison between coaches, parents, and players will transfer to the RA job benefitting the hall director, other resident assistants, and the students. Additionally, I gained self-confidence. An RA is one who has to be responsible, he can’t consistently ask others how to do something or what to do, instead, he has to rely on himself. By attaining confidence at a young age, I can simultaneously utilize my confidence and strong, successful work ethic to fulfill the RA

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