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Jon 's close friends are certainly aware of his many accomplishments. True, Jon Urbana is a multi-talented man and a real success story. Jon would like to inspire others to pursue their dreams and to never give up. His life is a true inspiration to many young people that would like to succeed in their career. Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and former lacrosse athlete. He is a Denver native. He is also the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps. The camps are located in Colorado. The camps were started by the entrepreneur to help young lacrosse players learn the game and play to win. Let 's take a look at a few of Jon Urbana 's most inspiring interest.

Jon Urbana 's Lacrosse Days
This enterprising man first came to the forefront on his lacrosse team. He played lacrosse with the Villanova …show more content…

He has worked diligently with various charity groups. Currently, he is supporting Earth Force Inc. which demonstrates his passion for persevering the environment. Learn more at GoFundMe.

Jon Urbana Music Interest
Jon Urbana has a multitude of talents and many passions. He likes to share all his passions with his friends, family, and fans. One of his greatest passions concerns music. He takes a great interest in electronic music and likes to remix music. In fact, Jon is sharing his growing passion for music on sites like Soundcloud. He looks forward to creating more music in the future and sharing it with his growing list of followers on the site.

Jon Urbana 's Photography
The former lacrosse player, entrepreneur, music enthusiast, and charity supporter has a special interest in photography too. He discovered that he has a natural talent for photography and likes to share his latest pictures with his fans. Jon loves capturing those candid and magic moments and preserving them for the future. He plans to treat all his online fans to even more of his inspiring

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