William George Beers Essays

  • Why Do I Love To Play Lacrosse Essay

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    What I already know: Lacrosse has been around for decades, played by those who look for a real sport. It’s been said to be the fastest game on two feet, which is no understatement. It requires strength, endurance, and heart to be able to play the game of lacrosse. All these reasons are why I love to play lacrosse and why it has been my favorite sport for years. I can remember when I first started back in second grade, I didn’t think about why I was playing, it was just another sport to me. But

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Life After Hockey

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    Jay was shooting lacrosse balls at a target, Lacrosse was his second favorite sport after hockey. Usually he would shoot to get better but this time he was shooting at his anger. What did he do to deserve this, school had just ended and spring lacrosse had just started. But this season jason couldn’t play because of his knee. He had been skiing at his family 's cabin in the cabin and torn his meniscus. Now he was in a partly mobile leg brace for 8 months and sadly that eight months went just a bit

  • Jock Leighton Park: A Short Story

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    As I arrived at Jock Leighton Park, I started to have second thoughts. “Do I really have to do this?”, I asked my mom as we pulled into the parking lot. The lot was dim compared to the blinding, white lights on the lacrosse field. There were two giant, green fields that were side-by-side, with metal bleachers intersecting them. I pulled my hand-me-down gear out of my car. As I walked onto the sidelines, I saw how much better my other teammates were than me. They had better, shinier gear that was

  • Essay On Lowering The Legal Drinking Age

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    Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) laws specify the age of when a person can buy or publicly drink alcohol legally. In 1984, the minimum legal drinking age was raised to twenty-one. Many college students attend parties where alcohol is present. They should be allowed to consume the alcoholic beverages with their classmates without having to worry about getting in trouble. Eighteen year olds are adults and should be able to make their own decision on whether or not they want to drink. The legal age

  • Benefits Of Underage Drinking

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    Underage drinking has been a problem for many years, yet it is still not under control. An ongoing debate in the United States is whether the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like in many other countries or if it should stay at twenty-one. This controversy is specifically relevant to college students, as drinking at an American University has become a significant component of a student’s college experience, despite the fact that most college students cannot legally drink. Binge drinking

  • Argumentative Essay On Beer And Wine

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    People have known that alcohol, specifically beer and wine, has been around in history for a long time; however, we have learned through archeology that it is much more ancient than we originally thought. Initially beer and wine was thought to be considered just a drink that was no different than food. Beer was popular in Germany just as much as sausage was; and wine was a staple in France just as much as cheese was. German beer makers claimed that beer was originally something that was created

  • Causes Of Driver Distraction Essay

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    The state of being inattentive during driving or an action that takes the attention of the driver away during the task of driving is termed as driver distraction. Driver distraction has also been defined as “attention given to a non-driving related activity, typically to the detriment of driving performance” as stated in ISO TC22/SC13/WG8 CD 16673 [1]. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has defined distracted driving as “an activity that could divert a person’s attention

  • External Environment Of Beer Industry

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    BACKGROUND The external environment Beer consumption around the world continues to fall. As GDP in poorer countries rise, people use their rising income to buy more beer. (The Economist Data Team, 2017). But when GDP per person reaches around $27,000 in a country, people spend money on more expensive drinks or become more aware of health risks and limit personal consumption. (The Economist Data Team, 2017). In the United States, the craft beer market is on the rise while company’s like Anheuser-Busch

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Beer

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    Student Union. In “A Nice Cold Beer Can Help after Class,” Dan Sernovitz argues for a campus bar. While Kirsten Frese, in “All a Bar Will Bring is More Problems,” disagrees. Sernovitz relies primarily on pathos and cause and consequence, along with a couple analogies. Frese also primarily uses pathos and cause/consequence, and she uses some ethos as well. Sernovitz uses pathos to create a shared identify with his fellow college students and to evoke a desire for beer. For example, he begins by saying:

  • Xanthohumol Research Paper

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    to beer[1]. Nowadays, xanthohumol is a molecular compound that widely used in promoting human health. Luckily, there is a Quran verse that I found related to this compound, which is, Allah said, “And from the fruit of the date palm and the vine, ye get out wholesome drink and food: behold, in this also is a sign for those who are wise. (An-Nahl; 16:67). Kindly be informed that, from this verse, providentially, xanthohumol is found in a plant and this plant gives bitterness flavor to the beer which

  • Getting Wasted Analysis

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    Drinking among college students takes many forms, some do not drink any alcohol, while others drink only when they are at a party, yet others binge drink with the intent of getting wasted. The students that drink to get wasted is the topic in Thomas Vander Ven’s book Getting Wasted (2011). I will discuss Drunk support, as discussed in Getting Wasted, how it benefits those involved, how it could be used to reduce the harm caused by heavy drinking. I will also discuss the harm reduction movement

  • Deviant Drinking Drivers Essay

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    DRINKING AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS, WHILE DRIVING, AND NORMAL, 4 IMMORAL, AND DEVIANT DRIVERS Drinking Among College Students, While Driving and Normal, Immoral, and Deviant Drunk Drivers People drink because they want to have a good time, they like the way it makes them Feel, or they just simply need a drink. Some people have become addicted to alcohol and they have let it take over their lives. Alcohol is something a lot of people abuse these

  • Fertile Crescent History

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    was suitable for consumption when raw by soaking in water. Also the discovery of beer was made using these grains as well which is why this is so important in the history of beer. The Fertile Crescent was discovered around 10,000 BCE. Chica: Incas offered beer, Chicha, to the rising sun in a golden cup, and poured it on the ground or spat out their mouthful as an offering to the gods of the earth. They would see beer in a more thankful way and something that came from the earth and used it to praise

  • Swot Analysis Miller Cooors

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    lager beer. Launched in the 1800’s, both sides of this company have been holding strong with the top beer brands in the United States. Coors Banquet beer is one of the most popular lager brands today, and since the merge, Miller Genuine Draft is now under the same umbrella. Some of the brewers in direct competition with MillerCoors’ Coors Banquet Beer are Anheuser-Busch with Budweiser, Pabst Brewing Co. with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Heineken International with Heineken and Amstel, and Boston Beer Co. with

  • Miller Lite Beer

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    talking and enjoying their Miller Lite beer. In addition, two main characters in the ads are a handsome man and sexy woman. The man orders a light beer without caring too much about the beer’s tastes. The bartender, sexy woman gives the man a generic beer and tells him that he cannot have the Miller Lite until he takes of his “purse”. She really makes him confuse that he is just wearing a carry-all, not a purse. The sentences, “Man up! Because you are drinking a beer without great pilsner taste, you are

  • Long-Term Effects Of Alcoholism

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    Many people across the world enjoy drinking, but drinking heavily over longer periods of time may result in serious long-term health problems. Heavy or long-term consumption of alcohol damages the drinker and also ruins relationships and society in terms of violence and crime, accidents, and drunk driving. Alcoholism is the popular term for the two disorders, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse is when a person drinks to the point where it 's dangerously affecting their life. While

  • Military Drinking Age

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    According to Main in ¨Underage Drinking and the Drinking Age” from the Policy Review, lowering the drinking age to eighteen from twenty-one would increase the harsh effects that are currently impacting our society and our military. Main insists that the United States should not get rid of the laws that set 21 as the mandatory minimum age for drinking, known as the ¨21 laws.¨ Although there are laws and severe consequences for those who drink under the age of 21, underage drinking is a huge concern

  • History Of The World In 6 Glasses Summary

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    assigned were beer, wine, and spirits, where each chapter had information that grabbed the attention of the reader. In areas that grabbed my attention was the history of how beer was discovered, where wine was discovered to have purifying properties, and where spirits were associated with slavery. There were also parts of the three chapters where I thought the author could have added more even information. In areas that could have had more even information were in the chapter about beer was mainly

  • Clubbing Monologue

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    the club anymore. So how do you know if you have gotten too old for the nightlife? 1. You only get excited when Soul music or old school jams are being played.You know what you need to do? Go to a mid-life pub where fellow elders are then grab your beer and chill

  • How Do Political Trends Affect Community Colleges

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    What affects college students will affect community colleges. Since more than 40% of undergraduates attend community colleges; students’ challenges will spill over into the milieu of these institutions (Bailey, Jaggars, & Jenkins, 2015; Mellow, 2017). Hence political trends affect the typical community college student. Therefore, new politics must include education as a vital component if democracy is to survive. The continuance of democracy for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and dual