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9) Molson Coors has a very interesting but understandable style of relationship with other competing companies. They adapt the resource-dependence style of relationship between other companies. By having this type of style, they value having independence and being able to work alone without relying on other help externally (Daft, 2016, p. 186). When they do feel like the market is becoming more uncertain and start to depend more on other companies, they will take advantage of whatever they can to get back to major control (Daft, 2016, p. 186). To get back to control and complete autonomy, Molson Coors takes advantage of a few ways to do just that. The two most important and most prominent ways that they do is through joint-ventures and acquisitions …show more content…

Being a large organization, this usually means that they are mechanistic in design, and very complex (Daft, 2016, p. 347). Although they strive to be more organic in design, sometimes the nature of the large organization can inflict some mechanistic features on the company. But Molson Coors has really benefited from the large size of their company. They have benefited due to their size in ways such as reaching countries across the world, generating massive revenue from these markets, and being more complex by being able to brew a multitude of different beers. As a small brewery can only do so much, make so much, and have so much of an impact on the area it is in and the people within that area, it is a good thing to be a large brewery like Molson Coors. Now although being a large company is great for business, it still has its challenges as well. As stated before that craft beers are starting to grow faster in numbers than big companies like Molson Coors, it does not help the company. As consumers start to enjoy and consume more local, small town and even national craft breweries products, it creates a problem for large companies such as Molson Coors. This is because the large functionality of their business means that they continuously committed to producing their current specific set of beers nonstop, and it makes it harder to find time and ways to innovate by putting in the money and effort to creating their own craft brews, that are equally as good and well received from the consumers as the small-town craft beers are (Daft, 2016, p. 349). Therefore, large beer organizations such as Molson Coors would rather engage in acquisition of these small craft breweries to make profit off them instead of engaging in time and resources to try and create a whole line of their own. So, being a big company does help in the long run for Molson Coors, but it also has

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