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Lacrosse has always been a fascinating sport but it never has been one of the top sports like baseball, football, or basketball. I chose this topic because there is so many interesting facts about the sport, for example, why was this sport created and how has it changed the lives of many people. For example, lacrosse was created by the Native North Americans back in the 1630’s. Some topics that will be talked about in this essay are how do you play the game, how the game has changed overtime, and some general history about the game. Lacrosse originated as a tribal game and as a method for Native Americans to entertain themselves. When it was first created it was much different than the game of lacrosse that we know today. Opposing villages …show more content…

In the 1600’s the native Indians actually referred to lacrosse as stick ball, it wasn’t until the first French settlers that lacrosse, became lacrosse. “One of the main reasons why lacrosse was played was because the Native Americans believed that lacrosse could be used to heal the mind of other tribal members.”(Walker Will). Another major difference that the current lacrosse has from the Stick ball the Native Americans played was the field, in the current lacrosse the field is 110 yards while back when the Indians played the fields could range from a couple hundred yards to a couple miles depending on the amount of players. Three major pieces of equipment that a very different now then they were back then are the goals, the sticks, and the lacrosse ball itself. The goals back when the Native Americans played were simple just a couple trees near each other of a couple of rocks that had an opening where you could throw the lacrosse ball through. The lacrosse ball today is way different from back then today thanks to technology we are able to make lacrosse balls out of solid rubber while back then, it was simply some deer skin stuffed with some other things or it was a ball of wood. Last probably one of the most changed things of the history of lacrosse would be the lacrosse stick. Most of the time back then lacrosse sticks were little wooden sticks with a net made of cow or deer intestines, because these sticks were so small compared the the sticks that we have now often times players back then would use two sticks so they could control the ball

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