Comparison Essay: Baseball Vs. Football

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Baseball vs. Football The sports of baseball and football are obviously different in many aspects. Not only is the actual physical part of baseball and football different, but the mental part differs also. Baseball is more mentally challenged than physical. This is something which was told to me many of times, by every coach I ever had. Now football on the other hand, is a very physical sport, it’s more of head to head challenge, compared to the sport of baseball. Baseball and football are very popular sport, and most people feel as if they could play baseball because they play football, and vice versa. Being that baseball is more complex than it seems and so is football, they are both different in multiple ways. As a kid growing up I played sports and I played everything that I possibly could. Ever since I’ve been playing baseball, one of the many things that was drilled into my head was that “baseball is a mental sport.” Statistics show that 85% of the game is mental and the rest is physical. I take that the sport of baseball is a mind game, like is plays with your head. From playing for so long and having the experience, I can honestly say that yes it is a mental game most definitely. Reasons why it’s mental game start with first, baseball is all about little scenarios. As a player on and off the field you …show more content…

However, for the most part, it is a very smooth game. Football on the other hand is a fast pace game, most defiantly intense, and the atmosphere is different. The two sports vary in many ways, and most people would say “well obviously they are different.” But, there are some people that feel as if because they play one of these two sports, that they could play the other. The two sports are so contrasting that you can’t just have that mindset that because I play one, I can play the

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