Compare And Contrast College Football Vs Nfl

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College football and the NFL are two of the biggest sports today in America. The first college football game was played on November 6, 1869 between the New Jersey Tigers and the Rutgers Queensmen. The first NFL game was played on September 26, 1920 between the Buffalo Bills and the Boston Patriots. College football is more fun to watch than the NFL because there are more teams, better games, and immaculate stadiums. One of the things that makes college football more fun than the NFL is the 128 Division I teams compared to the NFL’s 32 teams. That’s four times as many teams in Division I alone! There are also more conferences in college football so there is a lot more post season play. The amount of teams makes keeping track of standings …show more content…

In the NFL the guys have two goals, get paid and don’t get hurt, that’s it. The NFL players don’t care as much as the college players about winning because the NFL pays them millions of dollars to play. College athletes, however, aren’t getting paid which means they’re playing for their school pride. Also in college making the playoffs is much more difficult because if you have more than two losses you most likely won’t make it into contention. You have to win your conference, and if you lose a game it has to be against a team better than you or just as good. All of that only qualifies you to be in the vote to get in compared to the NFL where a team in a bad conference can have a losing record and still get into the playoffs. With stakes like these players come ready to play every Saturday so the competition is amazing. Also in sports nothing is better than watching a player shatter a single game record or explode for an amazing game. In 2014 Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin ran for a record 408 yards in one game. The following week Samaje Perine from Oklahoma ran for another record 427 yards in one game. When in the NFL have you ever heard someone run for at least 300 yards in one

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