College Football Subculture

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Subculture of College Football

“Isn’t there supposed to be a storm coming?” I asked my mom as were getting dressed for a college football game. “Yes, Uncle Mickey said get dressed anyway” “Don’t the storms get bad in this part of the country?” I asked “Yes JaKyrah, now stop asking so many questions” my mom replied, wolling her eyes. This is the moment I realized… they may take this game a bit too far. As we arrived to the Dunn–Oliver Acadome Arena it began to down pour but that didn’t stop the performance of this show. A whole band entered the stadium and the crowd began to go nuts. I could already tell there were many emotions that people were feeling towards their football teams. People gathered so close to covering each other with umbrellas. …show more content…

Parents domesticate their children into their cultural tritions. These practices are handed down from generations before. The cycle can go on forever. In the article, ‘Nothing matters more’ welcome to Alabama where college football is religion, if religion were really, really loud, by Arash Madani the author states “In line, walking in a father looked at his son, both of them draped in crimson red, and told him “Boy, nothing matters more than this.” Boys look up to their fathers as role models, especially when they are young. These are the ages they are easily influenced. For a role model to say “Nothing matter more than a football game is huge. This is a huge impact on a child’s life. Coming from someone you look up to especially your dad is great. Imagine watching your mom cook, and clean the house, your dad getting on all his gear. You start to think this is how what you’re supposed to do during college football games. Not only is it a men’s thing woman are involved also. Parents install college football in their children’s head. The 5 Things That Make College Football Season In The South So Special by Anna Check she explains her experience watching college football, her fifth reason why college football season is special goes on to say “I know ever since I was little I would dress up in a Gator 's cheerleading outfit to cheer on the Gators with my mom. Every Saturday we would watch the games, and would

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