Satire About Basketball

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Gavin Siegel

Why do I like to play basketball? While we may not realize it, there is some rationale for everything we do. It may not always be logical, but there is a force that drives our emotions, actions and ultimately our destiny. My motivation for playing basket ball is very simple, pure enjoyment. No one is telling me I need to play basketball and I certainly don’t need it to survive, but every time I step onto the court with my four other teammates, the electricity courses through my body and my heart races. Representing my school is a source of pride, but when added to the joy of playing the game, there’s nothing like it. But before I can encounter that feeling, it all must begin somewhere. The dreadful 2 hours of of my day, …show more content…

It is as simple as that. In some ways basketball is like school. If you don’t do well and pay attention in practice, then you wont do well in games. If you don’t pay attention and listen attentively in class, you wont do well on that test. I have the same mindset every time single time from when I take that first step onto the squeaky orange court, to when I enter class each day. (when in the huddle before each game, listening to coach Vandermulen and our two captains fire us up, I am more than eager to start the game, to run long way down the court along side our fans, to make unbelievable passes without looking or behind my back, to be ready to catch and shoot, to score, or even to miss, but most of all, to play the game I love. I’m ready to do what I’ve loved since I picked up that basketball for the first time in third grade. I’m ready to be one with the team, to be a Roman. The intensity and emotions that come along with each game make me apart of that game. As a player, I live for the rivalries, the scrappy games that go down to the wire, the sweat. I love that it is not just the players that are involved in the game, but all of the surroundings and …show more content…

In basketball I am able to clear my mind of any other worries I might have. I can indulge myself with the thrill of the moment. I enjoy playing basketball because the game serves as a platform and representation of what it takes to be successful. It also happens to be very fun! My path throughout my basketball career has taught me that hard work and dedication lead to success. Basketball has taught me two important life lessons. Competition is inevitable if you want to be great, no matter what you wish to accomplish. Not only must you compete against yourself and make sure you're always working your hardest, but you must compete against others. There will always be someone else out there who’s working harder than you are, no matter how hard you think you’re working. In order to achieve your goals you need to start small. Start off in practice each day trying to win each rep, and eventually you will begin to see results that lead you towards your goal. Surrender yourself to the process and not the end results. With continuous hard work and dedication the results will come naturally. Once one does this one’s accomplishments will rise

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