Dodgeball Satire

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Dodgeball When you think of dodgeball, what pops up in your mind first? Do you think of a fun, simple, game of peers throwing foam balls at each other, in a friendly matter? Or do you think of a hard, solid, basketball aiming at your face because you aren’t popular, or that you aren’t considered cool. Dodgeball can come to be a serious matter. Principals in different schools across Maryland banned this classic game of dodgeball. They recently decided that this game is a target for the weaker, and slower students who aren’t physically fast, or strong, enough to keep up with everyone else. Principals and superintendents argue that it’s against everything that they teach, not to mention their anti-bullying campaign that they are trying to teach to students to use when they are with other people. In my personal opinion, this game is foolish, and it has absolutely no point whatsoever. Dodgeball was originated in Africa, around 200 years ago, and it was considered a very deadly game that was played by the different tribes. Instead of using a foam ball, or a basketball, …show more content…

Are you a great thrower? Do you have a strong arm? If your answer is no, chances are you are about to get hit by a strong, and powerful basketball that can instantly knock you out if the aim is correct. What does this silly game have to do with the way teachers teach their class? Does it teach really anything that is important, and will help that child later in life? Basketballs come at you in the wink of an eye, unexpectedly.The whole moral of this game is whether you place in the strong, and more athletic kids, or you place in the group of students that aren’t. When you think about it, why do we play it? For amusement? To watch and receive enjoyment of chucking an extremely hard basketball at your classmate? It doesn’t really matter on what type of ball, physically, it mostly points to whether you’re strong enough to survive this elimination game of

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