Dodgeball Should Be Banned

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In schools, Dodgeball has been played for many years and students have figured out the strong and the weak. Imagine people in high school or middle school going into a gym where it is hot and sweaty. They are choosing two teams and it ends up as the weak vs. the strong. Then they start the game and all the stronger people start to throw the balls which knock all the weak players out and they fall to the ground. Then that will seem like the stronger are picking on the weaker. Dodgeball should be banned from physical education. In dodgeball, it's set to be the weak vs. the strong typically. The article ‘’Position on Dodgeball..’’ states, ‘’Many times these students who are eliminated first are also the ones with the least amount of confidence …show more content…

They could possibly then start to not do good and their classes or at anything at school because it might have a hard effect on them. If we keep letting it be allowed then this could be a serious consequence and your child's life if they are some of the weaker ones. ‘’Position on Dodgeball in physical education the states,’’Some kids may like it - the most skilled, the most confident.But many do not! Certainly not the student who gets hit hard in the stomach, head, or groin. And it's not appropriate to teach our children that you win by hurting others’’(pg. 2). That is telling us if we don't solve this problem more of the weaker kids are going to have low self- esteem and get hurt from all the ball that they are getting hit with. Also, it’s letting the people know that the most skilled players are going to just pick on them on and off of the dodgeball floor. That’s why we should not allow this game of dodgeball. Others might think that dodgeball should be allowed to be played in their child's physical education at school. ‘’The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym’’, states that ‘’Dodgeball is one of the few times in life when you get to let out your aggressions, no questions asked, we don’t need less dodgeball in schools, we need more!’’(Reilly 2). That is proving to use that they feel the need to allow this because it lets them get out there aggressions on the weaker kids. That is telling the people who don't want to allow it to do something about it because the others want

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