Creative Writing: The Sport Of Basketball

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He dribbles down the court, he shoots, he scores! Basketball, a game of dribbling, shooting, scoring, and winning. A simple orange ball turned into a game for people to play and enjoy for all time. Everyone can play this game, whether their bad or good, everyone has the ability to play. From all ages, races, genders, play basketball all over the world. The game of basketball consists of rules, gameplay, and levels of play.

Basketball consists of many rules that make the game what it is today. Basketball consists of two teams consisting of five or more players on each team. There are only five players from each of the two teams allowed on the court at a time. The rest of the team has to sit on the bench. Basketball is played on a rectangular …show more content…

The first level of play is very basic. It is called in-house basketball and is played for as long as a player wants to. This level is made for players who are new to the game or looking to work on some fundamentals. The next level is travel basketball. This level is one level up from in-house and the competition is better. Teams play other teams from all over their area. Teams can even travel to different places in the country to play other teams from that area. The next level of gameplay is high school basketball. Players can play for their high school when they are of age. Whether it is a private school or a public school, most schools have a basketball team. But, most schools have tryouts, and if a player isn 't good enough for the team, they are cut from the team. The next level of play is college basketball. This level of play is almost exactly the same as high school but the competition is better. The last level of play is NBA, or the National Basketball Association. This is the hardest level of play, and the hardest to get to. The NBA is the professional division of basketball and the players get payed millions of dollars to play. These are the different levels of

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