Why We Should Dodgeball Be Banned

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OUCH! I strongly disagree. Recently school principals banned dodge ball at schools in Elk ton, Maryland. They banned it because the teachers thought it was violent and inappropriate. The principals banned it by taking it off the curriculum. My opinion on dodge ball is they should get rid of it. Dodge ball is an elimination game and most of the people that are eliminated are weak and need more physical activity. So schools need to help and work with games that involve more physical activity and games that do not eliminate kids. Half of the time schools like to have everyone participate in everything and when you're eliminating people they are not participating. Another reason they banned dodge ball is because it's violent and inappropriate. Kids can be hit, stung, pegged at, and picked on. Teachers think that this is violent. I think its violent too. I have played dodge ball with my friends and my one friend broke his nose so I left the game. This is the sign that dodge ball is violent. …show more content…

I know that my parents don't like the aim of the game. Some of the parents want their child to have more physical games than video games that destroy your brain, and parents don’t want their kids to be eliminated from the game. My opinion on the whole banning dodge ball thing is great. I myself want them to ban dodge ball from personal experience. Parents don’t agree with it. teachers don't agree with it and neither do the students. I do not like dodge ball i do not

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