Banning Dodgeball Research Paper

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In a Blink Of An Eye
By: Lilli schneider

BAM,BOOM,POW.The sound of a dodge ball hitting your peers.Im not complaining about dodge ball i just think its unsafe, not fair,and your phycial apprence can change the game to touture.Principals in Elction Meryland band Dodge Ball from all Phycial Education acativies. For this reason I want to Ban Dodgeball and dodge ball like actives From Shamongs cricium.
In Elkton Maryland a School Principals recently ban dodgeball because they state that dodgeball is inappropriate,unsafe,and some kids get out and don't play and don't get exercise. They removed it from all physical education curriculums.The principal in Elkton Maryland states that the game dodge ball is against all the thing they teach in school. …show more content…

Put yourself in the position you want to hit with the ball.How do you feel? do you want to play knowing that someone “popular” is going to be the class clown throwing the ball at your face?. If you thought about this that's what you're doing to your peers.Why do people want hurt each other for fun or entertainment.The Dodge Ball probably is crying out saying help me help me.If you think about you and the dodge ball are both crying out loud about the pain, feel bad for the nurse who probably get like 100 kids coming to her office complaining that your” head hurts, your hip hurts,. your leg hurts”,etc. The nurse asks you”why does your (whatever hurts) hurt you.” you reply with “we are playing dodgeball in gym and (so and so) hit me with the dodgeball”. chances are the nurse is tired of kids getting hurt every 5 minutes needing an ice pack the school nurse is going to run out of ice

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