Why People Should Be Banned Research Paper

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Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people Hacking If you use a black listed modifacation or hacked client and you get caught by a staff or a fellow member that is recording. You get a 48 hour holding ban. Higher Staff then choose if there hacking or not hacking. If they think your hacking you will be perm banned. If you are not found hacking you will be unbanned as soon as possible. Staff Impersonation If you /nick your self the ign of a Staff you will be warned. If you keep Impersonating you will be Temp-Muted for 5 minutes. If you keep going you will receive a ban. This is annoying and rude. Players who ask questions will ask the wrong person. Its no Laughing matter. Suspicious Links Is when a player or staff puts a link thats not related to …show more content…

Staff have the rights to give a warning. If it keeps going on they give them a Temp mute for 5 mins. If it escelates it could be a ban Racism If a player is being Racist to another play the staff have to Warn them. If they choose to keep going they get A 5 Min Temp-Mute. If this keeps on going on. Higher staff have the rights to do somthing higher at there levels. Example Perm mute Spammers If a player is bugging people by spamming in chat and going on and on. They want to start drama or get attention. Spamming consists off Angry, Rude, Mean, Nasty players that want to spam to get noticable If the player is spamming He gets warned. If he keeps spamming its a 5 min mute. If this keeps on going Higher staff have powers to go further Advertisers If a player is spamming or saying another ip of a diffrent server. A helper perm mutes. And Moderator+ would Perm ban you. Example PLAY.OPCRAFT.NET GREAT SERVER BLABLABLA. Mute Evasion If a player is muted and they find away to talk to other players or Be rude to staff for muting them this will lead into a kick then longer mute. If it goes further it becomes a temp

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