Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment Analysis

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IGN: GANGMEMBERCORIA (Coria), I will most likely be playing on the account "Cohy" though, do to my name being abit much. Age: 14 Timezone: Pacific Standard Timezone (PST) , I am usually on during EU and AU timezones as well. I will be able to moderate the EU sides of the Network if needed. How many hours can you spend moderating the server? I will leave a schedule down below about when you will see me on more frequently. Sunday: 10AM - 10PM Monday: 3:30PM - 10PM Tuesday: 3:30PM - 10PM Wednesday: 1:30PM - 10PM Thursday: 3:30PM - 10PM Friday: 3:30PM - 2AM (PST) Saturday: 10AM - 2AM (PST) What languages do you speak fluently? (Not partially): I fluently speak english, not any other language. How long have you played on the Network? I have …show more content…

I would like to help deal with hackers, spammers, threatening people, etc. I have a ton of experience when it comes to being a staff member on a minecraft server, and I especially know how to deal with people in a polite, respectful manner. I know what I am doing and that is a key thing to know when you are becoming a staff member on a server. I try my best at what I can do, and do the best I can. I am also well known in the community. I am very helpful on in-game, and can be on the forums with ban appeals and reports, or basically anything with my the permissions I am allowed to have. I have dealt with multiple staff teams in the past which means I am educated on how staff should represent the Network. What makes you a better choice over someone else? I am very educated about minecraft servers and staff teams. I know how to handle people with a respectful manner, and I especially am active. I have great grammar and punctuation, so if there is a post that is needed to be made, It won 't be a problem. I can be on all the time which means I am able to remove the cheaters from the community and keep the community as clean as possible. Any additional

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