Personal Narrative: My Exploration In Space

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Space: A final frontier – in such a way starts the opening scene of the science fiction television series Star Trek. The phrase establishes the cosmos as a frontier of human exploration and introduces the main focal point of the whole series, the Starship Enterprise, the spacecraft that accepts the challenge and explores new worlds. Television series and movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars gripped my attention from a young age. I have since then always been fascinated with anything that flies, be it in outer space or in our own atmosphere here on Earth. When I was little I remember that I spent a lot of my time simply imagining working on spaceships and how amazing it would be to actually get to fly them. I drew sketches and blueprints of aircraft I had come up with. Obviously my work was based merely on my imagination at the time, but even now the odd designs I had…show more content…
I build networks and server systems, program, develop various design concepts. I used RFID chips in my latest project with which I won a national student stipend. I used my skills with servers to create a gaming community which I ran for two years. Projects such as these allow me to develop my teamwork skills, in addition to a plethora of other valuable abilities. I have also taken part in more non-technical events, such as a few international conferences where I was able to improve my competence to hold debates, to clearly present my point of view, or my ideas, and to maintain a constructive conversation that doesn’t escalate into conflict even if several opinions are involved. What helps me work well with people from other nationalities is my ability to communicate in three languages: Bulgarian, English and Russian. Each year I attended multilingual competitions and language Olympiads, ranking in the top ten places at the final national

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