The Importance Of Space In Star Trek

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Space: A final frontier – in such a way starts the opening scene of the science fiction television series Star Trek. The phrase establishes the cosmos as a frontier of human exploration and introduces the main focal point of the whole series, the Starship Enterprise, the spacecraft that accepts the challenge and explores new worlds. Television series and movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars gripped my attention from a young age. I have since then always been fascinated with anything that flies, be it in outer space or in our own atmosphere here on Earth. When I was little I remember that I spent a lot of my time simply imagining working on spaceships and how amazing it would be to actually get to fly them. I drew sketches and blueprints of aircraft I had come up with. Obviously my work was based merely on my imagination at the time, but even now the odd designs I had come up make me wonder if building something like that is possible. Whenever I could get my hands on a LEGO set I almost always attempted to recreate some kind of airplane or spaceplane. As I grew, learned and developed, my interests transitioned from fictional spacecraft to real-world airplanes and rockets. This transition has not erased the genuine excitement I felt as a young boy. In fact, it has done the opposite as now that I have a better understanding of how airplanes and rockets work I can base my ideas on something that is true. And now, with access to computer technology I can work on innumerable

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