Mars Essays

  • Going To Mars

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    Why not to go to mars Going to Mars is a greatly speculated idea being pursued by many scientists. Mars has many dangers. Physical dangers are a major concern when going to colonize on Mars. Ed Regis in his article "Let's Not Move to Mars" published in The New York Times states: "Radiation exposure may increase your cancer risk, it can damage your nervous system, with both acute effects and later consequences."(Regis) Additionally going to Mars can have harmful effects to the inside of your body

  • Mars Disadvantages

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    Is Mars Exploration Worth? Manned mission to Mars, a human exploration into Mars is really something that a lot of people have been dreaming for such a long time. Even NASA as a space team has been doing planning’s on the future so that humans are able to travel and visit Mars. A lot of people or everyone is very enthusiast on human exploration to mars as no one has ever gone a single step on Mars. And because of this and all of the curiosity and enthusiasm of all people one of space companies

  • Life On Mars Analysis

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    there a life beyond earth? What is the mystery in space? Where do dead people go? If God exists what is the nature of God? The author of Life on Mars, Tracy K. Smith deals with these confusing and puzzling relationships of human existence with the universe. She has tried to explain this idea very well in two of her poems in the collection of Life on Mars: “The Weather in Space” and “The Speed of Belief”. In these poems, the use of “space” as a metaphor along with the use of repetition technique by

  • The Pros And Cons Of Humans In Mars

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    and we should move there someday. The Red Planet, also known as Mars, is the fourth planet from Sun in our solar system. It is a cold desert planet with flat lands and largest volcanoes such as Olympus Mons. Mars is under the thin and cold atmosphere which may be the evidence that liquid water cannot exist. However this mysterious planet gives a clue of the possibility of liquid water existence which is the valleys and channels in Mars. This planet has strong dust storms, seasons, and the average temperature

  • Benefits Of Traveling To Mars

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    Humanity Expanding to Mars Tom Clancy, an American novelist, once said,“We cannot fail to win unless we fail to try.” This statement is completely true. We have to try to do something before we can fail. An example of this is traveling to Mars. Since the first humans traveled into space, humans have wanted to travel to the planet Mars. Mars is the only planet other than Earth that is currently suitable for human life (with help from modern-day technology). Traveling to Mars will ensure humanity’s

  • Benefits Of Living On Mars

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    Mars – Should we settle or just visit? By: Megan Bailey 12J You might think that The Race to Mars is topic for the future, but think again. It is taking place right now. There is some controversy towards this Race to Mars, as some believe that it is a planet that people could live on, whereas others believe that we should only visit it. Both, living on Mars, and visiting Mars have various advantages and disadvantages. The real question is: which one would benefit science, and humanity the most

  • Mars Polar Lander Essay

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    Introduction This is a report on the Mars Polar Lander review board report as per this student’s estimation. The Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 Missions were launched on 3rd January 1999, using a single space vehicle, from Kennedy Space Center. After entering the Mars atmosphere, the communication ended, but did not restart after 24 minutes as scheduled. Finally after several failed attempts on re-establishing communication, on 16th December 1999, the Deputy Director of the Laboratory appointed

  • The Pros And Cons Of Terraforming Mars

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    colonizing Mars the best location for humans to start a new home? For starters, colonizing the moon would be a much more efficient second home. Terraforming Mars is very tedious and challenging process with many methods that are only theoretical. Mars is a very costly project that will cost organizations and investors a metric ton of money. Those who are obsessed with colonizing Mars would tell you how it could save the human race, it won't fail, it’s worth the cost, and terraforming will turn Mars into

  • Pros And Cons Of Terraforming Mars

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    terraforming Mars needs to happen, for the survival of our species, the opportunities for resource harvesting, and its diplomatic potential. Earth has been struck multiple times by space objects, such as asteroids, triggering mass extinctions. “Every few million years, the Earth tends to be wiped clear of almost all life in a globally catastrophic event (read:asteroid collision). An asteroid the size of Dactyl could wipe us off the face of the Earth.” The author of the “terraforming mars” doc writes

  • Mars Mission Research Paper

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    planet, potentially Mars. Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. One main goal of NASA is to colonize Mars. In order to accomplish this task, there needs to some samples collected from Mars. This mission will explore Mars by collecting samples of its rocks, soil, and atmosphere. Rovers will accompany astronauts throughout this mission. The purpose of this mission is to collect samples of rocks, soil, and atmosphere from Mars. This will help scientists find ways to colonize Mars. The rock samples

  • Essay On Human Mission To Mars

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    What does make human mission to Mars beneficial? NASA unveiled their scheme of manned expedition to Mars by 2030, and it added fuel to the controversy of the question: Should humans explore to Mars instead of rovers or not. It goes without saying that manned expedition is more risky and needs billions of money. However, human exploration to the Red planet excels in its several benefits. Therefore, this essay will demonstrate three aspects of positive result of manned expedition; social changes,

  • Pros And Cons Of Colonizing Mars

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    Is Colonizing Mars A Good Idea? Should N.A.S.A really risk the lives of people to colonize Mars? You can never go back to Earth, you have to wear a spacesuit every time you go outside, and it is risky to send people there. Colonizing Mars is a bad idea. You can never go back to Earth. People who want to go to Mars are leaving their family’s forever. When people choose to go to Mars, they have chosen to never breathe in fresh air, and the colonists have to eat freeze dried food. They will never

  • Essay On Human Condition On Mars

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    whether the human body can survive the condition on mars. In this regard, several attempts have been made to establish if the human body can survive on Mars. Reports emanating from various sources of information pertaining to the exploration of the space has revealed that conditions on mars is different to the conditions on earth. Therefore, the body can be affected by the martian condition. Astronauts have provided their findings and purports that Mars is one of the planets with a little collection of

  • Argumentative Essay: The Mars One Mission

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    mission to colonize Mars, known as the Mars One mission. What can anyone possibly reply other than this if one is acquainted with such a controversial project? It is indeed thrilling, or perhaps alarming, that there are genuine intentions and even concrete plans to send people to the red planet. The good old curiosity might have prompted mankind, but with the level of technology, the amount of funding, and the degree of knowledge and experience these Earthlings, who are operating the Mars One mission, currently

  • Life On Mars Poem Analysis

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    there a life beyond earth? What is the mystery in space? Where do dead people go? If God exists what is the nature of God? The author of Life on Mars, Tracy K. Smith deals with these confusing and puzzling relationships of human existence with the universe. She has tried to explain this idea very well in two of her poems in the collection of Life on Mars: “The Weather in Space” and “The Speed of Belief”. In these poems, the use of “space” as a metaphor along with the use of repetition technique by

  • Life On Mars Poem Summary

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    What is the life out of earth? What is the mystery in Space? Where do the dead people go? If God exists what is the nature of God? The author of Life On Mars, Tracy K. Smith celebrates this confusing and puzzled relationship of human existence with the universe. The Weather In Space and The Speed of Belief, the use of “space” as a metaphor by Tracy K. Smith to explore important questions of life about what the nature of God is, what is life all about and where do the dead people go after they die

  • Personal Narrative: Another Day On Mars

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    Today was no regular day on Mars, it was the day that I make history to return to Earth. I flutter my heterochromatic caramel and blood colored fully lashed eyes open to the rings of my alarm clock. I let out a deep sigh having to realize that I have to live another day on Mars. My hands reach for a little ring shaped gadget that I soon attach to my nose for oxygen. Why can’t there be a layer of oxygen around Mars for me to breathe at ease? I shower the dirt off my valentine tinted skin and prepare

  • Comparing Mark Watney's The Martian And Packing For Mars

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    Martian and Packing for Mars present issues and new perspectives of space travel, and also gives possible solutions to issues like food and water needs and dealing with others. In The Martian, Mark Watney is stranded on Mars alone with limited food and water. He turns to botany and basic chemistry to survive by creating food and water. Although a work of science fiction, the way he generated food and water is plausible, and most likely achievable for the first settlers on Mars. But how is it possible

  • Argumentative Essay About Living On Mars

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    soon figure out a safe way to send Astronauts to Mars with the ability to sustain themselves with very little help from off planet sources. There are many reasons that humans cannot simply live on Mars. Just a few reasons are food, air, water, gravity, radiation, and weather. Even though there are all of these problems NASA says that they are close to solving all of these problems which is why Jennifer L. Holm has written two articles about living on Mars. Mrs. Holm draws on scientific information for

  • Men Are From Mars And Woman Analysis

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    This article is about the book “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus” written by Mr. John Gray in the 90’s. Firstly a summary of the book is written which is followed by a critique about the book evaluating its authority, accuracy, objectivity and coverage. The review will also analyze the facts and theories before finally judging the book’s accessibility and credibility. Overall, I would say that the book was a well-organized, very informative and helpful book for newly wed couples and it