Mars Essays

  • Mars Disadvantages

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    Is Mars Exploration Worth? Manned mission to Mars, a human exploration into Mars is really something that a lot of people have been dreaming for such a long time. Even NASA as a space team has been doing planning’s on the future so that humans are able to travel and visit Mars. A lot of people or everyone is very enthusiast on human exploration to mars as no one has ever gone a single step on Mars. And because of this and all of the curiosity and enthusiasm of all people one of space companies

  • Impact Of Spacex's Mars Colonization On Mars

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    SpaceX’s Mars Colonization Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s most well known speech, titled “I Have a Dream,” is well known for its powerful words, and incredible message. Elon Musk has a dream too. His dream was getting people colonized on Mars, and now, SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, plans on getting people colonized on Mars, and they are doing it with an insane plan, using the revolutionary ITS booster with new, more powerful engines, and completely changing the space industry, by obliterating the

  • Moving To Mars

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    Do you think leaving to Mars and never coming back is fun? Do you think going to live in another environment is good? Think about it, think about going to Mars and never coming back. Think about it and make sure you are doing the right thing. The issue is about people going to Mars and never coming back. Think about it, should you go to Mars and never come back. Think about it and do not go to Mars. Think about going and never coming back to see your family or home again. First of all, why would

  • Going To Mars

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    Why not to go to mars Going to Mars is a greatly speculated idea being pursued by many scientists. Mars has many dangers. Physical dangers are a major concern when going to colonize on Mars. Ed Regis in his article "Let's Not Move to Mars" published in The New York Times states: "Radiation exposure may increase your cancer risk, it can damage your nervous system, with both acute effects and later consequences."(Regis) Additionally going to Mars can have harmful effects to the inside of your body

  • Argumentative Essay On Mars

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    Gene Dingle-Argument Mars Essay If you are one of the nutcases who are basically asking for a death wish, read this carefully and you will not want to go to the red planet. Going to space in general is very risky. The first men to walk on the moon went through years of training. So how do you expect to go to Mars, survive and come back in one piece? I have no idea but going to Mars is one of the most idiotic ideas I ever heard. Let us assume you make it to Mars… Just like humans, everything will

  • Mars Creative Writing

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    but unusual. The group me and my family were placed in were the first to land on Mars. We were told by NASA that Mars had mysterious events happening from time to time, but not to worry if we get involved. As told, we were to stay put till the ‘experts’ from other ships arrive to setup houses and little towns, but in the meantime, we were given tents to stay in. NASA gave us all little pan flips to read about Mars before venturing. However, the pan flips were mysteriously missing while we were

  • Settling Mars Essay

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    decline of the Earth in recent years. Some have suggested settling Mars or other planets, while others say that we should stay on Earth and take better care of it to save it. So what should we do? Cultivate Mars, or cultivate yards? First, what is wrong with settling Mars? Mars could take many centuries to be inhabitable, and would cost large quantities of resources and money. This is however not to say we could not, settle Mars, just that it is a more long-term solution. The problem, though, is

  • Benefits Of Traveling To Mars

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    Humanity Expanding to Mars Tom Clancy, an American novelist, once said,“We cannot fail to win unless we fail to try.” This statement is completely true. We have to try to do something before we can fail. An example of this is traveling to Mars. Since the first humans traveled into space, humans have wanted to travel to the planet Mars. Mars is the only planet other than Earth that is currently suitable for human life (with help from modern-day technology). Traveling to Mars will ensure humanity’s

  • Life On Mars Analysis

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    there a life beyond earth? What is the mystery in space? Where do dead people go? If God exists what is the nature of God? The author of Life on Mars, Tracy K. Smith deals with these confusing and puzzling relationships of human existence with the universe. She has tried to explain this idea very well in two of her poems in the collection of Life on Mars: “The Weather in Space” and “The Speed of Belief”. In these poems, the use of “space” as a metaphor along with the use of repetition technique by

  • Benefits Of Living On Mars

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    Mars – Should we settle or just visit? By: Megan Bailey 12J You might think that The Race to Mars is topic for the future, but think again. It is taking place right now. There is some controversy towards this Race to Mars, as some believe that it is a planet that people could live on, whereas others believe that we should only visit it. Both, living on Mars, and visiting Mars have various advantages and disadvantages. The real question is: which one would benefit science, and humanity the most

  • Persuasive Essay On Mars

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    States have long been competing to send humans to Mars for a long time. The unceasing quest of humanity toward this unknown world of the universe is truly marvelous. According to the New York Times Upfront journal, NASA sent one of the twin astronauts to space to see what impact humans have had in space for a long time. The astronaut who returned a year later was two inches taller and younger. This NASA study is a preparatory step for a human Mars exploration mission by 2030s that will take at least

  • Mars Red Planet

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    Mars: the Red Planet. It has intrigued us as far back as the Babylonians, who called Mars Negral. The Egyptians were the ones to give Mars a name based on color, the “Red One.” The Romans named their god of war Mars. Over the next almost 2000 years, numerous astronomers did research and observed the planet trying to understand its atmosphere and what may be on the surface. Rover landings in 1997 and 2004 gave us the first up close look at Mars’ surface and is the basis for all the skepticism we have

  • Mars Persuasive Essay

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    back. They will have to stay and live the rest of their lives on Mars. So, if somebody there feels they need to return to Earth, that won’t necessarily be an option. Many people argue that this is unethical because of how extreme and difficult life on Mars will be. Since Mars is much further from the Sun, its temperatures tend to be much lower than Earth 's, with an average temperature of -81 degrees F. ( Living on Mars could possibly be compared to living on Antarctica. However, there

  • A Trip To Mars: The Journey To America

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    The Journey to Mars An Achievement Why should we, America, go to Mars? We should go to Mars, because the trip could be a huge achievement for America. Imagine what all could happen on Mars if we were able to take a trip there. We would be able to discover the climate, and the environment on Mars. Depending on the conditions of Mars, we could possibly adapt to the changes of the climate. Also, the trip to Mars would create developments in major areas we have (Mars One). The trip to Mars would also help

  • Going To Mars Research Paper

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    Are you thinking whether you should go to Mars or not? You shouldn’t need to think, the answer is no. Have you already thought through the problems of going to Mars? Have you thought of high risk traveling, radiation poisoning, unknown situations, and surviving problems? If not, you might want to read the next few paragraphs and give a thought about it. Going to Mars is an extremely dangerous event. The first problem that you will face is high risk traveling. Remember, not everything is perfect

  • Water On Mars Research Paper

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    Astronomy 170B1 October 25, 2015 Water on Mars I remember sitting in class back in sixth grade science studying the phases of the moon and my teacher going on and on about how much he loves space and hopes to visit Mars one day. As a society who is constantly trying to figure out new things and discover new places the idea of water on mars can only begin to excite us and lead us to create and develop new ideas and ways to test our ways of discovery. Water on mars has always been a fascinating topic to

  • Character Analysis: Stranded On Mars

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    Stranded on Mars is a difficult situation, but being alone and a slim chance of being rescued Mark is unlikely to survive. With the crew that left Mark returning to save him, he must travel over 3,200 kilometers in a modified rover that is not intended to travel that far. With limited food, air, and water his chances of making it to the rescue zone are not great, but Mark is persistent to try and save his life regardless. Evaluating why Mark is on Mars, predicting if he will be rescued, and visualizing

  • Mars One: Risks Or Challenges

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    planet! Mars One is a company that is sending people to Mars in the year 2026. Sending people to Mars is insane and dangerous. It cost billions of dollars and you don’t know what space is capable of. Mars is a different environment than Earth. You will die without a spacesuit because Mars has no oxygen. There is no food and very little water, so if you decide to go to Mars, you will be starving and you will be thirsty. This comment is straight out of the “Risks or Challenges” page on the Mars One website

  • The Pros And Cons Of Humans In Mars

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    and we should move there someday. The Red Planet, also known as Mars, is the fourth planet from Sun in our solar system. It is a cold desert planet with flat lands and largest volcanoes such as Olympus Mons. Mars is under the thin and cold atmosphere which may be the evidence that liquid water cannot exist. However this mysterious planet gives a clue of the possibility of liquid water existence which is the valleys and channels in Mars. This planet has strong dust storms, seasons, and the average temperature

  • Near Future On Mars Summary

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    in the probably near future on Mars. NASA was sending manned missions to Mars to collect rocks or perform tests on the red planet. They were planned to send five missions in five separate locations but turns out that the third mission, Ares 3, failed in six SOLs (amount of time light has been exposed on the surface, basically a Mars day) due to a sandstorm that caused an evacuation. The main character is the Ares 3 astronaut named Mark Watney who was abandoned on Mars during the evacuation. His goal