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Application for Work Experience with Victoria Police 2018
I have been hugely influenced by former detective Charlie Bezzinas novel ‘The job- Fighting crime from the front line’ to want a career in the crime industry. Bezzina had been a respected senior detective for 37 years and then spent 17 years in the homicide squad. His novel widely explores the real life experiences of what someone in the policing department goes through on a daily basis.
Many things that attract me to a policing career is the fact that no day for a police officer is ever the same, they face new challenges every day. I’m always amazed and utterly fascinated by the dedication put in by the police force to keep our community safe. I want what I do with my life to make
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I have a good level of fitness with my most recent beep test result of 8.4. In past years I have participated in cross country coming fourth in my races and also participating in 1500 meters coming second, over the years I have stopped participating in these events as I have wanted to focus on my education. I have started boxing classes, which I hope will improve my fitness, sharpen my reflexes and quick thinking. I have a good attendance record, with only ever being away if sick and providing a medical certificate when possible. I am also very neat and tidy in my appearance. I can easily resist peer pressure to do to things that are against the law or school rules, I’m always finding myself trying to persuade people to obey the law and to do what is right for themselves and the people around them. I have reasonable people skills but would enjoy improving my communicational skills. I work very well with others, especially in group tasks. I can have very good organisational skills, I’ve learnt to take as many notes as possible and to try and think outside of the
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