Explain Why There Should Not Be Coed Sports Essay

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there should not be coed sport By jt morgan

I think coed sports should not be allowed at school guys have been playing with guys for ever and girls have been playing with girls for ever so why change it.
Guys are the dominant sex that's the way it always has been and that's for a reason we are stronger bigger and faster that's the way we are built and girls are built different guys have a thing called testrone and that makes us who we are bigger faster and stronger girls don't have that so they are smaller weaker and slower don't get me wrong there some girls that are better than some guys but the majority is we are bigger.

Guys play harder than girls and the girls might get hurt and nobody …show more content…

And something to make u really think about is what if the guy is ok fighting or being rough with a girl, possibly in his lifetime he might think it's ok to do that out of sports and he could end up hitting or really hurting the girl and that's not alright and also hitting a female could lead up to jail time and that can ruin your life. After reading this i hope you consider that coed sports should not be a thing and it should be banned from all

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