Sexist Boy Rhetorical Analysis

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Parents do not need to change how they raise their kids because it is not very natural to be that way with girls. The Debate of “Are we raising sexist boys?” states that a young girl got mocked by a boy because she wanted to pursue a football career, and play for the school. Jane McManus is the parent; she is a reporter at ESPN. She wrote an article and people are speaking out about the situation. We Should not change how we raise our boys, because not every boy is the same way. In many High Schools there are gender neutral sports, such as: football, wrestling, and cheerleading. Leonard Sax explains his views on the topic of sexism in boys, he says that most boys are immature and are very disconnected with society. Sax’s quotes that “The end …show more content…

They stated “Many Boys Today Define Masculinity Negatively” (Leonard Sax). They say boys are raised to be unbreakable, they don’t really have emotions and that most boys. They don’t want to do any ‘manly’ sports with girls. That is another reason why people go crazy when a girl plays video games. Majority of the boys do like to play with girls, but there is always they one guy that doesn’t. Now that kid got raised wrong. It is not that parents are raising sexist boys, but its society. There are different Generations, they are taught different and they think differently. Some boys actually like to play with girls. The only problem is that a lot of girls are not as competitive as most boys for example: I am in a competitive gym class, when we play sports most girls stand around and do anything. Of course some girls actually and they do just fine, is just the girls actually trying. Also they are some sports and activities in High Schools that are gender neutral such as: pom poms, badminton, R.O.T.C and cheerleading. In conclusion I do not necessary agree that boys are being raised wrong. I believe girls have the option to join different sports hey can join wresting, football and they also have their own league of soccer, basketball, and softball. We should not change now we raise our boys, because not every boy is the same way. In many schools they are gender neutral

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