Summary Of Men Are Stuck In Gender Roles Data Suggest By Emily Reyes

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The article “Men Are Stuck in Gender Roles, Data Suggest,” by Emily Reyes explains how drastically different men and women roles are. Reyes goes on to say that women are looked at in a positive light when breaking the norm and showing a more masculine side to themselves, while men, on the other hand, do not get the same reaction when being more feminine. It is a very hypocritical way of thinking since women have been asked to be treated the same way as men. Why can’t men be treated the same way as women and have the same acceptance? In Reyes passage she goes on to say that a professor named Barbara Risman made a point by saying “If girls call themselves tomboys, it’s with a sense of pride. But boys make fun of other boys if they step just a little outside the rigid masculine stereotype.” This type of thinking starts from an early age and goes all the way to adulthood because it has been what society has pinned as the norm for a man to be tough, masculine, and if you aren’t, there must be something wrong with that man.

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