Gender Roles And Socialization

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Being pressured into conventional roles today is less common than back in the 40’s and 50’s when society had nothing but conforming roles for men and women in society. examples of this come from how men and women were brought up, culture and media. If it were not for these three factors gender roles would be farfetched. But unfortunately, there is still this pressure of gender roles and one way or another everyone has to make the decision of whoever they want to be and live with those roles. In this essay culture, media and how both men and women being raised affect gender roles and socialization. Growing up my mom and my dad were pretty accepting of anyone that I wanted to be. They allowed me to express myself in every way possible. When I was younger my father even allowed me to walk around with no shirt because I told him it wasn’t fair that he was able to and I couldn’t. but as I got older and my mom passed my dad started to get higher expectations of me and allowed me to express my self less. He always told me to dress a certain way otherwise men or women wont like you or won’t have respect for you. But I didn’t want to be the women he was telling me to be so I made my own self one I feel comfortable in. I feel because of my mothers passing my father wanted me to conform to be someone I was not going to be. He wanted conventional and I wanted out of the ordinary. My father wanted me to dress how a young lady would dress, he wanted me to have a women career for example

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