Masculinity As Homophobia Analysis

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“Masculinity as Homophobia” an article by S. Kimmel, that talks about how men these days have the fear of being judged and ranked based on their manhood. There are some arguments that the Professor mentions and uses in his article that supports his argument and some experiences from other people 's perspective in life of men over the years. The author’s main argument is about how men these days are being watched and judged closely based on how they walk, talk, eat, dress, move and look like. The author explains how the world is judging men and how it tries to take that power and that pride of being a man. He also explains how the world can change men and how values and ideas change men. People fear these changes are affecting the society and lives of other people that they show a bad image to what manhood looks like. Some men do not mind these changes while men do. In some parts of the article, the author talks about the changes in men and how it is …show more content…

It is like our manhood is consumed by these ranks and by people who still remind us that we are not fit for society and that we do not deserve to be men just because we do things that are not considered to be manly enough. The brilliant minds of other men will change slowly, people will start to do things or start acting in a different way than men want others too. The problem is that men are afraid of other men because they think that they will reflect their image of manhood and how a man should act. They are afraid that these people who are homosexual or those who look and act like a women will ruin the image of manhood. In order to restore their image as men, they start to mock these people, have conflicts with them, bully them until they start to feel desperate in life, which will lead them to hurting themselves or commit suicide because they think they are wrong and should not even

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