Gender Role In Society

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The phrase gender role is concept of society that defines what behavior society expect form men and women and how they are suppose to act in society . While evolving, what kind of passive and active toys are allowed to play with? What kind of clothes and colors to wear? Unaware route of molding a person to fit in with society 's norms and values is called sociologists as "socialization." Many think that gender stereotyping in form of clothes, toys or books or along with other aspects, teach a children rising up to fit into conventional gender roles. Some disagree and says that a boy can dressed in pink but still grew up and be a man traits and so claim that this theory cannot be correct. While on the other hand it has to be consider, still,…show more content…
What kind of toys, clothes or are associated with boys and What Kind of toys, clothing or toys are related to girls? What is discrimination between both categories? How they affect the socialization of child’s coming life? In this project I chose clothing and toy section to elaborate the difference between girls and boys section. I vested Mall of America online site to compare both sections of boys and girl to find out how both are…show more content…
It is called sociologists and psychologists or also knows as gender stereotyping. One of the biggest differences between girls and boys clothing is color difference, pink color is like a signature color. It usually related to feminisms. There were some blue dresses for girls were in this section. While on the other hand blue color is related to masculinity and identification of boys clothing. Pink color for boys was really hard to find. Other than blue and pink colors, all other colors were mostly in both sections. In baby section this difference is quit prominent because of their less gender appearance. After conducting this research I have concluded that strong colures are mostly associated to boy and light colors to girls. Girls clothing were mostly skirts, pants or dresses while in boys there was only jeans, pants or shorts, shits and t shirts. Stereotyping of genders does not allow boys to wear skirts and dresses. In society it is inappropriate for boy to wears skirt or dresses. For little young age group girls shirts were normally fitted, so they go in at the waist and might have a deep/low round neck or something, where guy’s t shirts and shirts are just like, straight. In boys section there were dress shoes and boots while on the other hand girls section was filled

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