Negative Stereotypes Of Elderly People Essay

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Aim This assignment will focus on issues that affect the society in which we live. We are to choose and discuss ONE of the following issues: Food; alcohol; education; using public space; friendship; stigma; stolen generations, and to discuss how structures shape people’s experiences of that element of everyday life, with reference to TWO of the following structures: Ethnicity; age; class; gender; sexual identities/sexuality; disability; Indigeneity. The chosen issues are- Stigma: Stigma and Ethnicity- Negative stereotypes of people who are of different ethical backgrounds Stigma and Age: Negative Stereotypes of Elderly People Negative Stereotypes about gender The term stigma refers to the attitudes and behaviours that people have against others, and The “dilemma of generalizing and stereotyping is a never-ending story”, because while we are aware that mistakes may be made about our judgements of people, we still have a human nature to still create opinions and judgements about people (Madjidian, Karlsson and Lankinen, 2013). Gender is defined as “the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers…show more content…
Whilst, the media portrays reports about serious and severe crashes involving older drivers, the real reason that they often leave a bigger impact is the cause behind it. Many accidents that have been recently reported on the news, mention the cause of the accident as a medical episode, therefore there can be no direct blame or fault placed on the driver, as anyone is able to have a seizure, heart attack or lose consciousness. Older people are more likely not to drive when its bad weather or at night, so they are more mindful of the environment and their own wellbeing, compared to younger
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