Effects Of Gender Inequality In Education

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Introduction This essay will discuss how gender inequality in education affects economic growth of a country. Gender inequality can be defined as unequal treatment and opportunities based on gender. The gender inequality in education is one of the most serious global issues that affect economic growth. There are studies revealing that only 39% of countries provide both genders with equal access to education. This shows that there are countries where women and men are not treated equally. In order to write this essay, I will analyze the impacts of this issue in different perspectives. Firstly, I will consider the perspective of Hong Kong (locally / nationally). I will also investigate what is currently happening in United State and India (globally). Finally, I will talk about my own perspective as well as future scenarios. Analysis Issue Nowadays, there are still women not allowed to be educated in some countries. This issue is drawing more and more attention. Many countries are starting to make a big step towards the goal of gender equality in education but there are still 62 million women in the world who are not allowed to attend education. Causes Poverty, religions and tradition are the main causes of gender inequality in education. In most of the undeveloped countries, there are lots of families thinking that a female is not as valuable to them comparing to a male because they believe that after the female get married they will not gain anything because the female

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