Should Cars Be Banned From Big Cities Essay

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Nowadays, a lot of people have their own cars and one family might have more than two cars even. People find it impossible to live without cars but they don’t know how negatively it affects their life and even the environment around them that will affect their future later. No one can regret how cars are really important and useful in life but no one knows how it can make their life gloomy. The government should definitely start taking a step and stopping cars in big cities. Cars should absolutely be banned from big cities for pollution, traffic and accident problems. First of all, cars should be banned from big cities for the cause of pollution it makes in the streets. Pollution has become a serious and dangerous problem in big cities …show more content…

These have a great effect on people’s work as there are many cars in the big cities so it makes it difficult to reach work at time. Actually the traffic jam wastes precious time of people just sitting in the car waiting for time to pass and for the cars to even move. Traffic jam makes it even difficult for people to walk and for some people who have sidewalk-to-sidewalk travel. Too many cars in a big city just makes it difficult for people to walk on a pavement and just get annoyed by the sound of the cars which is also noise pollution. Another important issue that even students get late to their school and everything will not be in time. Congestion always happens when people go and come from work so employs play a big part in congestion and it happens especially in big cities as the streets are big and people have their own cars not like towns or villages. In big cities, people prefer to use more their own private cars than using public transport but in towns they prefer the public transport. So, in big cities there will always be traffic jam as there are so many private cars in the street. When cars are banned then the traffic jam would disappear and people will be able to arrive in time and won’t affect

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