Social Responsibility Analysis: Tesla Motors, Inc.

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There’s a partially alarming and partially encouraging trend rising with pollution in giant metropolitan areas. associate degree increasing variety of major cities area unit reaching dangerous levels of health-threatening pollution, that is clearly the scary part, however there’s additionally associate degree increasing variety of municipal governments taking bit by bit a lot of forceful approaches to deal with those problems, and a giant a part of that's the move to EVs. Several major cities, like Paris, have resolved to limit the amount of vehicles on the road on any given day by solely permitting cars with odd-numbered registrations plates someday and even-numbered consequent. They're additionally creating transport free throughout those …show more content…

Stakeholders and businesses have an effect on one another, thereby emphasizing the importance of company social responsibility and company citizenship. Tesla’s automotive business directly and indirectly affects stakeholders. As such, it's essential for the company to keep up an adequate corporate social responsibility strategy to make sure lowest negative impact and best profit to stakeholders. With a powerful brand as a manufacturer of electrical vehicles, Tesla has vital opportunities to point out the globe what a serious international firm’s company social responsibility efforts will do to satisfy the interests of stakeholders. Tesla Motors, Inc. addresses stakeholders’ interests through a company social responsibility strategy that focuses on property and environmental friendliness of automotive products. Such company responsibility efforts profit stakeholders, whereas additionally boosting the company’s corporate and whole image. Investing in socially accountable stocks could be a fashionable strategy these days that aims to search out firms with a balance between solid money returns and social smart. Tesla Motors fits this description, it's laborious to beat Tesla once it involves investment in socially accountable firms. The California-based automotive company manufactures and sells nearly zero-emissions cars, that cause less hurt to the surroundings than gas-powered vehicles, thereby creating it a "socially responsible" company. Tesla's chief Elon Musk, started the energy unit maker with one goal in mind to assist finish the world's dependence on oil. Moreover, Musk says the "overarching purpose" of Tesla Motors is "to facilitate expedite the move from a mine-and-burn organic compound economy toward a star electrical economy, that he feel to be the first, however not exclusive. That's beyond any doubt a noble and socially

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