Tesla Motors Essay

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Tesla Motors is an American-based company that deals majorly with designing, manufacturing and selling of electric cars as well as electric vehicle powertrain components. Since its formation by a group of Silicon Valley engineers in 2003, Tesla Motors Company has gained global fame and incomparable customer loyalty. Tesla Motors have significantly grown from the year of its commencement till now. The sales and revenue of the company has increased year after year which is evident from its annual report. In the year 2011, the company has generated revenue of 204.224 million which has considerably increased to 4.05 billion in 2015 (Marketwatch, 2016). It is expected that the performance of the company would further rise in the future in the automotive industry. However, the company is required to improve their net income in order to increase market share. (Figure 1)
Tesla Motors Company has a unique position in the car market which forms the company’s biggest strength. The unique position of Tesla Motors is revealed on the fact that the company not only sells cars but also sells new technologies. Basically, betting on Tesla Motors encompasses integration of a new technology. Telsa Motors places significant emphasis in the integration of service, software and hardware in their car production.it is …show more content…

It is the only automaker exclusively that manufacturers electric cars on a significant scale. However, General Motors is highly concentrating on launching battery powered Chevrolet Bolt in the market and Ford Motors have planned to invest $4.5 billion by 2020 in electric vehicles (Team, 2016). The mentioned competitors have moved to investing more in electric cars in order to focus on zero emission and clean vehicles but still they are behind Tesla Motors which provide an advantage to further increase the market share in

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