Electric Vehicles Essay

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Electric vehicles are becoming more of everyday reality. Even living in a small town in Mississippi, I have noticed a slow but gradual increase in the number of electric vehicles present on the road. Many major car companies have decided to produce electric alternatives for consumer purchases. There are many factors going into why a person or company would decide to go green. People everywhere are switching to electric vehicles because of their nonharmful effects on the environment, availability of new charging stations, and cost-efficient charging. One reason electric vehicles are becoming more of a reality is because of the harmful effects gas and diesel cars are causing on our environment. The car I drive does not seems like it would …show more content…

This evidence helps show that electric vehicles can be more cost effective by three times compared to regular cars. The author also stated that the average electric vehicle can make it forty-three miles from one-dollar worth of electricity. This is about one fourth of the cost of a gallon of regular gas. In IEEE’s article the authors said, “In the next 10 to 20 years, changes in vehicular transportation will be driven by escalating fossil fuel prices,” (Austin Micheal and Russ Lefevre). The writer predicts major changes in the car industry because of the huge surge in gas prices. They predict the price per gallon in four years will increase to over five dollars per gallon. While gas prices are increasing, Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more efficient to drive based on the steady prices of electricity. Many buyers interest are lost when they hear or see the price of some of the popular electric vehicles like Tesla. Companies like Nissan and Toyota make cheaper alternatives then high tech Tecla’s everyone raves about. Electric vehicles may cost more to purchase initially, but the savings will be realized over the lifetime of the

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