A Case Study: Human Relationship Management In Tesla

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Human Relation Management in Tesla Human relation management is a belief that individuals desire to be part of a supportive team that encourages growth and development (Business.com). Human relation management focuses on employee 's feelings, career enrichment, induction procedures, encouragement of teams, stability and motivation. The benefits of human relations management theory are rises in employee productivity, employee consideration, employee recognition, relationship building between employees and managers. Disadvantages are unpredictable workplace conduct, strategies based on behavior in the workplace and one method works for everyone. "Tesla is consciously creating a benefits structure that is different from what other companies …show more content…

The automotive industry is facing changes due to ecological impacts on the environment. Many automotive manufacturers such as BMW and Audi are now entering into the electric car industry where Tesla has established itself in. In this environment, there is a need for rapid innovation a firm 's capability to produce new technological products become crucial to survival in this industry. For this reason, human relations management will be beneficial to an organization as it allows creativity in employees who will be able to respond to changes in the environment efficiently and quickly which gives a company flexibility. "CEO Elon Musk created a master plan to compete with other automotive manufactures which were to Build sports car, use that money to develop an affordable car, use that capital to create more affordable vehicles, produce zero-emission electric vehicle power generation options (Tesla)." Tesla 's team were also able to create an autopilot function which allows the car to drive itself to stay ahead of the …show more content…

Employee engagement is a role the employees play in creating a resilient environment for the organization. Employee engagement means that workers are committed to their jobs and switched on at work. This role consists of Career contentment- employees are content with what they are doing, Feasible management- workers display leadership qualities and become more innovative. This encourages resilience as employees are problem solvers and more innovative. "Tesla encourages employee engagement by creating a dashboard that conveys results from a valuable anonymous internal survey that let workers share reviews and concerns to better understand employees. According to Tesla, this kind of data sharing is critical to escalate employee participation and dedication to company

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