Case Study: Tesla's Impact In The Market

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Analysis: Tesla has proven to make an extensive impact in the market. Keeping the company’s position in the high-end industry, Tesla is able to represent just like companies like Apple a high-end product that appeals only to a certain customer base. Tesla is constantly innovating their product in a way that the newest technologies will be incorporated in the production process of the car and the products the companies develop itself too. Tesla is the first major company to have inherited an electric car only automobile production company, which is nearly impossible considering the weak demand for electric cars today. Most car manufacturers today only devote a small part of their product line to electric cars, meaning that they do not want to take the risks of completely changing to electric only cars as fears of reducing the demand for their products is real and because there is still more demand for conventional petrol driven cars. The production process of Tesla’s cars is complicated due to the involvement of complex battery technology in the process of building the car. Tesla’s image consists of creating the car of the future and with this Tesla has to incorporate all the new technologies in the market, that have not yet been supplied by its competitors in standard cars with fuel engines. Tesla’s products consist of three official models. The first model was developed in 2006 and is called the roadster followed by the Model S, which was introduced in 2008 and the latest

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