Essay On Living In Urban Areas

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In recent decades, urban cities turned to become an attractive place for people from Different cultures to live in. This movement from different cultures to urban areas caused a significant change and development to urban cities and made it an extrovert area for different backgrounds. Cross (1989) defined culture as “ an integrated pattern of Human behavior that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of a racial, ethnic, religious, or social group”(p.7). Nowadays, we are living and socializing with different cultures and backgrounds in urban areas, which lead to a significant change in our life. I believe that living in a cultural diversity city make us more extrovert and creative …show more content…

Living in urban multicultural areas make human more educative, gregarious, inspired and knowledgeable to different backgrounds. When individuals who used to live in rural areas with an experience of one single culture, travel to urban areas, which is full of multicultural people with different nationalities, ideas, languages, foods, behaviors and ethnics with the absence of familiarity they will experience what is called “culture shock”. This will make individuals more stress and they will feel strange and different than residents in the urban area. They will be depressed and pessimistic. On the other hand, there are some positive features of exposure to a culturally diverse city. With the times, individuals from rural areas will learn new viewpoints, languages, performances, concepts and thoughts due to socializing with different backgrounds. They will become more knowledgeable and educated, which can lead to a significant development in different fields in their lives (Leung, Maddux, Galinsky & Chiu, 2008, p.172). According to Neyer & Harzing (2008) (p.10). Urban areas with a mixture of cultures help people to interact with each other 's in an easy and flexible way and overcome many obstacles that obstruct communication. People will choose different

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