Book Banning Research Paper

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Book Banning
I think that the root problem with the book banning/burning was the level of maturity in the certain individuals affected. Both of these books were not made for children. I think the people in charge that banned Mr Vonnegurt’s book could have done better with their solution and the people at the Biloxi school came up with an adequate solution to the problem.

An example is the book by Kurt Vonnegut, but they were still taught in the classroom. Then the directors of the school destroy his work of art because it was not kid friendly, even though they were the ones to put it into the school curriculum. I think the school’s solution to the problem was not good. Like what it says in paragraph 3 in I am real where it says, “I want you to know, too, that my publisher and I have done absolutely nothing to exploit the disgusting news from Drake.” Even when the school burned the book he said that he did not exploit them like he mentions in this quote. I think he knew his book was not for children, but what I think he really is mad about is his reputation. Its like someone making an R rated movie for a adults then a kid sneaks in watches it and complains to his parents and the parents slandering the movie …show more content…

What they did was put it in the library instead of teaching it in the curriculum. Yes the book might be appropriate for some children, but for others it might be too intense. So putting it in the library lets you decide whether you are ready for the book, if not don 't read it. Like where it says in paragraph 3 of the article where it says, “It’s still in our library”. The school leader in Biloxi thought that the morals taught from the book “to Kill a Mockingbird” could be replicated in a less offensive form through another book. I think it could, to an extent because history back then was offensive and to not teach people about history means that it is bound to repeat

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