Banning Books Like Maus Is Part Of Sanitizing History By Gwen Katz

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Pajamafication is Prioritized over Education The article Banning Books Like 'Maus' Is Part of Sanitizing History, is written by two individuals: Gwen Katz and A.R. Vishny. Katz is a writer, novelist, artist, and game designer. She has published one book and many short stories, and her main genres to write about are historical fiction and horror. She has an incredible interest in historic tragedies that have inspired her works. Vishny is an author and attorney, who specializes in Jewish representation in modern day society. With Katz military inspirations and Vishny's will to represent Jewish culture, they collaborated on the case of Tennessee school boards banning the book Maus. A book about a Holocaust survivor who is interviewed over the …show more content…

It’s appalling that the issue of schools banning books from students is still an ever present issue to this present day. Fact of the matter is, comfort is being prioritized over education. The school boards and their staff are rejecting truth because it contains inappropriate topics such as nudity, violence, and derogatory vocabulary. Katz and Vishny write how the Tennessee education board states these exact topics to their reason for why they chose to ban Maus. The school board's reasoning is how it is determined that they choose to prioritize comfort for the students. Katz and Vishny claim their statement within the second to third paragraph of Banning Books Like 'Maus' Is Part of Sanitizing History. Dangerous, difficult, and sensitive topics are a challenge for many kids, and can cause distress and despair to said students. Even though this stress is necessary to grow and mature, the school board is banning books from developing the kids' immature and young minds. Katz and Vishny are claiming that this “pajamafication” is ruining the great futures of these students. Another factor to consider is how the parents want their children to be taught from the educational system. Parents are more likely to have alternative objectives to the type of education their children receive, and can have a variety of reasons as to why they strongly suggest removing a sensitive book from their or other

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